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3 Ways To Promote Your Udemy Course Online

Posted by on June 24, 2021 7

According to Udemy, Bees Ho, one of the top ten instructors on Udemy has earned around $218,935 in sales through her course “Learn to Develop an iPhone or iPad App in 4 Weeks”. How do you think she got noticed out of 14,000+ instructors, and 25,000 courses on Udemy?

Many of you may be thinking that her course material is excellent. This is true, but how do you think that such a vast audience discovered her?

In today’s post, I will share tips and tricks for the successful marketing of your Udemy course. These are methods used by some of the top instructors of Udemy, which have worked very well for them and yet have not cost them a penny!

Tips for promoting your Udemy course

1. Get positive reviews from friends and family

Once your course has launched, the first step to promoting your course is to get at least five positive reviews for your course. You can ask your friends and family to leave feedback about your course. Having a positive review builds confidence and trust, and offers the maximum probability of converting a lead into a potential customer from day one when you start driving traffic to your course.

2. Send emails to your audience

Are you aware that email marketing has an ROI (return on investment) of 4300%, according to the Direct Marketing Association?

If you have an email list, this should be one of your top marketing priorities for your Udemy course. Before sending out a newsletter, strategize an effective email marketing campaign for converting your prospects into customers.  For example, if you are selling a course on iOS app development, you can create multiple newsletters on sample code, features, operating systems, etc., and you can add a link to your course at the end of the newsletter. This will not only educate your subscribers, but there is a high probability that the subscribers will buy your product. Your aim should be to educate and sell.

Try to be simple and informal.  Don’t be too flashy or overly promotional. Write an effective subject line that will compel the reader to click. You can create a separate newsletter for your Udemy course, and you can include the link to your course in all of your newsletter signatures.

3. Promote your course on your blog

This idea can be used as a marketing tool by instructors who already have an existing blog. Create a landing page for your course. Provide a free giveaway or promotional discounts for your subscribers. You can use Hellobar to direct interested readers to your course.

Here is an example of a landing page which helped Jason Teteak, a successful Udemy instructor, earn over $10,000 in a year:


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